OxyFresh Mouthwash with Fluoride

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Contains a unique combination of xylitol and fluoride (Lisette’s favorite). The patented and saliva-inducing formula of Oxyfresh mouthwash consists of a unique combination of Oxygene (active oxygen), Fluoride and Xylitol. This unique combination ensures the perfect PH balance, which is of great importance for cavities, sensitive teeth and fresh breath.

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The active ingredients of OxyFresh fluoride mouthwash are xylitol, fluoride, and active oxygen. Fluoride reduces the risk of cavities. The tooth has enamel that is sensitive to acids. By binding fluoride, a molecule is created in the enamel that is less sensitive to these acids. As a result, it dissolves less quickly and the tooth is more resistant to attack by bacteria. Xylitol brings back acidity in the mouth by raising the pH level. Cavities are caused by acid. If the acidity in the mouth decreases, the tooth is more resistant to acid, and therefore to cavities. Xylitol also has saliva-inducing properties.

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  • Contents: 473 ML
  • Variations: Lemon mint mouthwash and the Fluoride mouthwash

Active oxygen disables anaerobic bacteria and captures odors. As a result, the user retains natural oral flora and fresh breath. The difference with other mouthwashes The OxyFresh mouthwash is free from aggressive substances such as alcohol, peroxide, chlorhexidine, and sulfates. Oxyfresh uses active oxygen, which expels the bad bacteria, but respects the general own oral flora.

Why are we a fan of this product?

All Oxyfresh products contain oxygen, of which we have known for a few years what special properties this has. Lisette and Jessica consider this the most important ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash. Active oxygen neutralizes bad breathing gases and makes bacteria harmless, without negative consequences for the natural household in the mouth. Virtually all other commercial products contain ingredients (such as alcohol, chlorhexidine, and sodium lauryl sulfate, among others) that discolor teeth and can dry out the mouth, making the problem worse.

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