OxyFresh Toothpaste with Fluoride

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Contains fluoride so extra protection against cavities (lisette’s favorite). This product contains OxyGene, also known as active oxygen. Brushing the teeth with OxyFresh Fluoride Toothpaste releases an explosion of oxygen into the oral cavity. Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment and die immediately. This way they cannot produce an unpleasant mouth odor. Together with zinc, the smelly sulfur compounds are simultaneously converted into a nice-smelling breath. This product also contains fluoride which protects against cavities.

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What is Active Oxygen? Brushing with OxyFresh fluoride toothpaste releases a significant amount of ‘active oxygen’ into the mouth. Active oxygen has the property to neutralize smelly breath odors and make the anaerobic bacteria harmless. Anaerobic bacteria are harmful microorganisms that can only survive in the dry, sheltered, and oxygen-free areas of the oral cavity such as the tonsils, gum margins, and tongue papillae. By confronting these bacteria with Oxygene and Zinc, it is no longer able to produce bad breath gases, damage the gums or excrete acids that cause caries. This product also contains fluoride.

  • Product number: 0004
  • Contents: 142 ML
  • Variations: Fluoride toothpaste and the Lemon Mint toothpaste

Three proven benefits of sodium fluoride in Oxyfresh toothpaste:

  • Protects teeth from cavities and erosion
  • Helps remineralize tooth enamel; (starting to repair cavities) and helps reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Difference from other toothpastes: highly concentrated so you only need a little bit, works 4 times longer than other toothpastes, contains no artificial flavors and colorings (which cause deposits on the teeth)

Why are we a fan of this product?

All Oxyfresh products contain oxygen, of which we have known for a few years what special properties this has. Lisette and Jessica consider this the most important ingredient in toothpaste and mouthwash. Active oxygen neutralizes bad breathing gases and makes bacteria harmless, without negative consequences for the natural household in the mouth. Virtually all other commercial products contain ingredients (such as alcohol, chlorhexidine, and sodium lauryl sulfate, among others) that discolor teeth and can dry out the mouth, making the problem worse.

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